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Learning about movement promotes learning about ourselves and the world around us. Whether during the display of virtuosic technique, or performing a more cognitive sequence of movements, dance is about sharing. While my teaching and pedagogical approaches continue to follow along an ever-changing path, one mainstay is my desire to propagate sharing in each one of my students.

My professional experiences as a performer and my scholarly practice at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro have encouraged me to adopt an inclusive style of teaching; it is one that is nurturing to students with a variety of interests and abilities. While I still believe in the importance of strength, stamina, and dedication to rigorous training, my understanding of our kinesiological selves takes the forefront when challenging students as physical beings. My diverse background in ballet, classical modern, and contemporary techniques, coupled with my anatomical understanding of the body’s structure, help me to foster safe and efficient ways of moving and exploring space.

Beyond this exploration, I embrace the body’s desire to move. Simply put, it is fun to dance. As an educator, it is important for me to be reminded of this; it solidified my commitment to the art. My passion for teaching and love for movement exploration pushes me to learn from my colleagues and students, furthering my development as a mentor for emerging artists.